Advantages of Relocatable Granny Flat

Relocatable granny flat is commonly referred to as modular granny flat or transportable granny flats. A modular home or modular building is made up of prefabricated section called modules. The section modules are created in factories or in an off-site facility, these modules are then delivered into building site. The contractor completes the construction of the modular building by attaching all section modules together in the building site.

In building a granny flat you can have it traditionally constructed on-site or use a more modern method which is the modular construction. In this article we will discuss the advantages of relocatable granny flats.


The first and the most important advantage of the relocatable granny flat is its portability.  If you choose to move from Sydney to Perth, you can also relocate your granny flats Perth with you. Relocation is quick and easy. The ‘pick up and go’ portability feature of relocatable granny flat is one of the best features of relocatable modular granny flat.

Quick and easy to construct

The prefabricated section module of modular granny flat makes it easier and faster to install. If you need an extra space asap, relocatable granny flat is the most ideal solution. Either you need a space for a visiting grandparents or need extra space for your staff modular granny flat is your best bet. As long as you have the permit ready, modular granny flat can be constructed within 5 – 12 weeks.

Flexibility in style and sizes

Prefabricated materials for modular granny flats are available in many different sizes and styles. You will have a wide array of styles and sizes to choose according to your need, and most of the contractors offer a wide array of upgrades that would suit your aesthetic style.


Despite of its name, granny flats are not just for granny. The relocatable granny flat can be use a temporary dwelling your child who want to experience freedom of living on his own. It can also serves as rumpus or a retreat room. It is also ideal for visiting friends or family member who needs short-term accommodation. It could also be an income generating project because granny flats can be easily rented out.

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