Is Teeth Whitening Procedure Safe?

Having a bright smile exudes confidence. It also suggests happy disposition and positive energy. That is why having sparkly white teeth could give you a boost of confidence. Taking care of your oral health like flossing and brushing regularly can keep your teeth white but as you age, your white teeth may turn into several shades darker than the usual white. There are several reasons why our teeth turn into not-so-white. Most common reasons are tobacco, food and drink we intake, medications, ageing and sometimes it is due to injury on the mouth. The most common cause of the darkening of our teeth is nicotine, coffee, tea, red wine and some medicines.

According to survey more than 90% of Australian wants to improve their smile by having whiter teeth. There are several treatment and procedure that can be performed in your teeth to regain the whiteness of your teeth. Are those treatment and procedure safe?

The teeth whitening procedure is a simple process. You can actually do it by yourself or ask your dentist Joondalup to do the procedure. The whitening products for your teeth may consist one of two tooth bleaches, the carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The function of the bleaches is to break the stains in you teeth into smaller pieces, because the colors were broken down and it becomes less concentrated which could make your teeth appear whiter.

Are the teeth whitening in Joondalup safe? Yes, teeth bleaching are safe. You may choose to do the process in your home or in the clinic of your favourite dentist in Joondalup. If you choose to do it the teeth bleaching process it is important to talk to talk to your dentist before you start.

It is true that teeth whitening are safe, but there are some cases that people who used teeth whitening products such as bleach, strips, gel and toothpaste experience tooth sensitivity. Most of the time side effects of teeth whitening are temporary. This happens because the hydrogen peroxide gets through the enamel and affects the nerve of your tooth. That is why it important to talk to your dentist before applying anything in teeth.

Regain your sparkling bright smile and boost your confidence!

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