Replacing Old Car Keys: What to Do?

We usually don’t appreciate the importance of our car keys until we lost it or it stops functioning.  Even if you own the most expensive car in the world but you don’t have the key, your expensive car is quite useless. The car key is our ticket to mobility, without it you are stuck, unless you know how to hot wire your car but even so, it can rather be inconvenient.

There are two reasons why you need a car key replacement. First, the car key is not functioning. There are several reasons why your car key stops functioning, but the most common reason is the wear and tear. Sometimes we used our keys too long and it no longer retains its shape. Sometimes we also use our car keys doing other stuffs like opening cans or drawing on hard surfaces which might cause the key to bend, snap or alter its shape. For high-tech keys with laser-etched codes, there’s tendency that these codes will be damaged and won’t function.  Another common problem on car key is the broken remote built into the key. The key can still be usable to lock and open the car door but without its remote function it can be inconvenient.

Second, the car key is lost. This is the most typical reason why people need car key replacement. There is always a possibility that you might find you key or maybe not. If this is the case, it is better to have your car keys cutting kwinana replace your old key, while hoping you find the original key to act as a spare!

Most of car keys can be replaced by a professional locksmith, but unfortunately, replacing car keys can also be really expensive.  Here’s what to do when you need a replacement for your old car keys.

  1. Fin the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINS) of your car. The VINS is a unique serial number used to identify individual vehicles. It is like a fingerprint of your car. It is composed of composed of 17 characters, usually digits from 0 – 9 and capital letters from A – Z. VIN can be usually found by the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car and visible through the window. If the VIN is not on the dashboard, look at the door post (it is where the door is latched on when it is closed).  If you’re not sure of the VIN, you can also look up your car VIN on your car insurance information.
  2. Identify the make, year and model of your car. This information is vital when you are going to have your car keys replaced. Whether you choose to go to car keys cutting in kwinana for replacement or to your car dealership.
  3. Call a trusted auto locksmith near you. Calling a professional auto locksmith is the best option. A professional auto locksmith is skilled and equipped on how to deal with a lost or damage car keys. Having the services of a locksmith is much cheaper than having your keys replaced by a car manufacturer. Locksmith is ideal when dealing with older model vehicles. But for modern and more high-tech cars, see to it that a locksmith is capable of handling the replacement. If the key is programmed digitally and not laser-etched, most of the professional car locksmith is capable of dealing. Laser-etched coded keys and other complicated keys should be replaced by the car manufacturer.

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